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Page history last edited by AKabodian 11 years, 11 months ago

  Welcome to Mr. Kabodian's 7th Grade Wiki Page (from 2007-08)


{Check out Mr. Kabodian's current Room 207 Class Wiki}

Did you ever feel like the world was making us a bit too digital? Thanks to http://homepage.ntlworld.com/clivebillson/id310amp.gif for the use of this digital person.  On the one hand it's an ultra-example of personification; on the other hand, it's quite anti-human or at least de-humanizing. I'll call it digitification.












We'll be using this wiki as place to work together on our writing pieces, share our final drafts, and generally explore technology in English class.


This video clip, from Unitedstreaming, speaks to the role each of us plays in making a change in our world:  Armenian and Hispanics 

You can, also, put your Social Studies Reports on this wiki.


Ms. Jamie Slater visited our class and presented some remarkable information about Armenia and the village where our pen pals live.

Check out the info on the All About Armenia  page.





 The above VoiceThread is a work in progress. I began it as an exploration of what a perfect world would look like.  We're reading The Giver and we're discussing Utopias.  Students will hopefully be adding to this VoiceThread.



Mr. Kabodian would like to share some photos from his recent trip to New York City for the National Council of Teachers of English conference and National Writing Project conference.  You can find out more about his trip from his class website.


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Assignment  #1 --- An image and notes to go along with Walk Two Moons

Assignment #2 --- Quotes from Walk Two Moons and from life


Assignment #3 --- "What If" --- Science Fiction Short Stories

written by Mr. Kabodian's and Mr. Strasberger's classes


Directions for students.


If you would like to view the Science Fiction Stories, click on a Group below.  The stories are at the bottom of the Group pages.


Assignment 4 --- Assignment+%234 (just click on it, don't ask) --- Creating a Public Service Announcement from a Persuasive Essay



1st Hour          2nd hr       3rd hr        4th hr        5th hr

Group 1           Group 1      Group 1      Group 1       Group 1

Group 2           Group 2      Group 2      Group 2       Group 2

Group 3           Group 3      Group 3      Group 3       Group 3

Group 4           Group 4      Group 4      Group 4       Group 4

Group 5           Group 5      Group 5      Group 5       Group 5

Group 6                          Group 6      Group 6       Group 6

Group 7                                          Group 7        Group 7





Check It Out!  (neat stuff below)










Mr. Strasberger's Science Fiction story - Transport at Terminal C.doc





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